Credit where due


On Saturday 18th August residents of Elmwood Terrace received a leaflet issued by Derry Sinn Fein Councillor Patricia Logue through our doors in respect of work being carried out by DSD Roads Service to repair the footpaths at Elmwood Terrace.

In this leaflet Cllr Logue states that as a result of a community survey carried out in 2011 the issue of the poor state of repair of the footpath was raised. The implication seems to be that somehow Cllr Logue is responsible for the work now being carried out to repair our footpath.

Cllr Logue also stated that residents were concerned about their homes being flooded. Where Cllr Logue got this information is a mystery, I have lived on this street for nearly forty years and flooding is not and has never been a concern.

After I read the note from Councillor Logue I was astounded, as credit for the work being carried out rests with SDLP Councillor Sean Carr in conjunction with DSD Roads Service Section Engineer Mr Keith Cradden.

In May 2010 residents supported by Councillor Carr made contact with Mr Cradden, photographic evidence was supplied to Mr Cradden and as a result roads service staff met with Councillor Carr at residents’ homes to discuss their concerns.

Since 2010 Cllr Carr has liaised with residents and DSD Roads Service on a regular basis. As a result of Cllr Carr’s diligent work, not only is the footpath being replaced, the roadway at Elmwood Terrace is being repaired and a section of land between Elmwood Terrace and West End Park, which had become overgrown and a dumping ground, had been cleared out.

I would also like to take this opportunity to raise the issue of the ‘community survey’ Cllr Logue states was carried out in 2011 as this was the first I had heard of this. I checked with other residents and members of my extended family who live on Elmwood Terrace and not one of them was consulted by Cllr Logue or any other party. The only communication they had in respect of the ongoing work came through Cllr Carr via myself.

As someone who is not an SDLP voter, and bearing in mind the fact that Councillor Carr is not even a representative for this ward, I felt the need ensure that Cllr Carr’s hard work is acknowledged and recognised, and to publicly give credit where it is actually due.


Anne Mellon,