Deal with the facts, not barroom talk


I write this letter in response to Derry republican, not to defend RAAD but to point out some facts they have left out for an unknown reason.

Most of RAAD members are ex PIRA members, the dogs in the street know this, so should you. The RUC PSNI have stated this publicly. My point being when these men were doing this for the PIRA was it ok then? We still have a British run police force, now endorsed by Sinn Fein.

Then there’s chat about the likes of Gerry Adams saying Vera Lynn had better war records than these people. How could Gerry Adams make a judgement on any armed group when he was never involved in the armed struggle, His words “i was never a member of PIRA” - fact!

This is another fact about the PIRA leadership. They did what the British government could never do - turn the PIRA into common criminals. In its last five years of their existence they robbed the Northern bank £26.5 million, Makro cash and carry £1.2 million, Belfast docks £1.6 million and the failed Cransha robbery. Both Governments said the PIRA were responsible - fact!

Is that the great republicanism that Derry republican would have us believe in?. Where is all the money now? My guess is a last big pay day for the lucky few.

My last point is, you say the British army has gone. Is that the same British army that drove up Creggan Street or searched a man’s flat in Creggan last year? There was a sergeant, lance corporal, sapper - all took part in the raid. Would you have us believe they were the Irish army?

Anybody can write a letter but I have come with facts, not barroom talk.


Mary Ward

(address supplied)