Deplorable to call for boycott of hotel


I find it deplorable that members of the so-called republican group, 32CSM, find it necessary to call for a boycott of the Tower Hotel, (particularly as many local people fought for years to gain funding to get the Hotel established in the first place) as investigators from the Department of Social Development/Social Security Agency’s Fraud Investigation Unit are allegedly using it as a base.

This appeal gives off the impression that they themselves are hiding from this very agency? Are they saying that every republican and/or nationalist person living in this city is committing fraud against the DHSS?

Do they see themselves as protectors of those working class people who are committing fraud? Whether we like it or not, we are under British rule, republican/nationalist people of this city are contributing to the very British system that pays for this fraud, why should their money be squandered by people who are not entitled to it?

And why do those ‘Republicans’ feel it necessary to call on all working class people in the city to boycott this venue? Not all working class people agree with benefit fraud!

I would take a second guess that working class people themselves work in the Tower Hotel. Are their jobs and safety to be compromised if people from this agency were in fact staying at the Hotel? [The Hotel has publicly stated they are not]. I suspect that the 32CSM appeal is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy with the view to protecting those people from within their own ranks who are in fact committing benefit fraud.

‘On the Dole nationalist!

(Name and address supplied)