Disgraceful RTE


I wish to express my extreme disappointment with what took place on the RTE Late Late Show on Friday evening, 1st June. In particular, I refer to Tommy Tiernan and his so-called joke about the Lamb of God. Surely even the producers of RTE know that millions of church going people from all Christian denominations are insulted deeply by such a sick “joke”.

Central to the faith taught in every church and bible hall celebration of Eucharist or Communion service around the country is the belief that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is our hope and salvation.

Yet when Tiernan, in mockery, said: “Imagine a wee lamb in a field saying I’m the lamb of God”, Gay Byrne and some few others laughed. It’s an indication of their low level of Christian belief. Chat show presenters and entertainers who encourage this kind of humour and foul language deserve to be boycotted.

Perhaps we should all simply switch off such shows. As an old parish priest of mine once said: “Some open minds would be healthier if they occasionally closed down or shut down for repairs.”

If we do not, as a Christian people, take a stand against such use of our media towards which we pay licence and tax, how will the gradual degradation of our standards and morals cease?

A double whammy is the phrase used nowadays when double disappointment comes. The fact that we have not had an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church, or any other church, expressing outrage at the above programme and its contents and demanding yet another apology from RTE, is a sad indication of the times we are living in.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen Catholic hierarchy move from dictating to the conscience of people on far too many issues to nowadays, when they seem to be intimidated and without courageous leadership on most issues.

Having conditioned our people to be over-dependant on us as a clerical castle group, it’s simply unethical to leave such people like sheep without a shepherd.

We can only pray and hope that the compassionate Lord will raise up more spiritual leaders, lay and cleric, to feed and sustain his followers with the life, teachings and power that come from the word of God and the Holy Spirit at work in basic Christian communities around the country.


Neal Carlin

Columba Community