Don’t be a lousy parker!

I hate people who can’t read. Well either that or they just ignore signs. In the last three weeks I have been unfortunate to lose out on a ‘parent and child’ space at the supermarket because two different individuals decided they could take the parking space even though they didn’t have kids with them. The first gentleman who I challenged about it when he pulled into the space claimed he “couldn’t find a disabled space.” I ignored the fact that he wasn’t even displaying a disabled badge and pointed out the three empty disabled spaces behind him. Not that it made much difference, he just tutted and walked off. The second individual who wrongly pulled into a space last week tried to tell me she had her child with her and the little one was already in the supermarket. Saw her later on pushing an empty trolley. It all comes down to simple good manners, if you don’t have children with you, don’t park in these spaces. There have been many days when I’ve been stuck with nowhere to park, the rain has been pouring down and I’ve been tempted to park in a disabled bay. But I would never do it, your conscience just wouldn’t let you. In the same regard people should have respect for young parents like myself who have to struggle with their children to try and get to and from the supermarket, Use your two feet and stop being so lazy.

‘Fed up parent’