Don’t blame Baths’ staff


In response to your article in your paper on 27th May 2011 with regard to the state of the City Baths, I am writing to lend my support to the staff who are fighting a losing battle in trying to maintain an acceptable standard of hygiene in the changing rooms and general facilities at City Baths.

We are regular pool users who swim in the City Baths on three mornings a week and the problem is due to the lack of funding by Derry City Council in a building which is both old and run down and the general public’s lack of respect for the facility rather than the efforts of the staff.

We often are faced with having to lift items out of the showers before use even though there are numerous bins throughout the facility. Is this not another indication of the general public’s attitude to rubbish and a lack of respect for all public spaces in Derry? One only has to drive through our cities streets to see what many people really think about their town.

The irony of the situation is that I also use the facilities in both Templemore and Lisnagelvin and even though they are much younger facilities they also suffer from the same problems as City Baths do. We often point the finger of blame at staff who are doing their best in trying conditions when a culture change is in fact required where people respect what is offered and do their bit in maintaining public facilities by not adding to the problem.

The City Baths is a very valuable local facility which has a loyal customer base who enjoy using the facilities, general attendants who will listen to and deal with any complaint you have so the customer in question could have spoken to the staff before going to the press as we have done in the past.


Baths goers