Don’t forget the MLU


Iam writing to highlight the excellent work carried out in our local hospital.

My wife had a beautiful baby boy in the Midwifery Lead Unit (MLU) in ward 47 at Altnagelvin Area Hospital recently. The MLU unit is midwife-led and this unit is about simple strategies for pain relief during labour, such as birthing pools, ensuring a comfortable and dignified birthing experience for all.

My wife decided at the last moment to have our baby in the MLU. She experienced care and attention far beyond what she anticipated. The midwives in ward 47 helped my wife deal with a life-changing experience with the utmost diligence and professionalism. So, to Tracey and the entire MLU, my wife and I say a big ‘thank you.

I would like to highlight this service to the general public. I think it’s not always to the fore for expectant couples, but our experience shows it’s well worth considering.

I would also like to highlight to relevant managers in the health board this excellent service, which in times of austerity and cost-cutting could be perceived as non-essential. Services such as the MLU should be celebrated, and not dumped into the health board’s recycle bin.


Thank you Ward 47

(by email)