Duff notions from McCann


It was with some amusement that I read Eamonn McCann’s ‘Shameless snobbery’ article [Tuesday, 12th July], in which he

tried to suggest that the actress Anne-Marie Duff had somehow gone unrecognised whilst delivering consistently excellent performances in the Channel 4 comedy-drama ‘Shameless’.

I beg to differ with this notion as it simply doesn’t stack up with the evidence. 2 BAFTA nominations, 2 IFTA nominations including one win, another win at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards and a further nomination by the Royal Television Society (all for Anne-Marie’s work on ‘Shameless’) doesn’t even momentarily suggest to me someone whose efforts are being overlooked.

Perhaps Eamonn is so enamoured of Ms Duff that he is blinkered to the work of others, but I cannot imagine that he actually begrudges Anamaria Marinca (Sex Traffic) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House) their BAFTA wins.

For the record, ‘Shameless’ also picked up the Best TV Drama award at the 2005 BAFTA’s and Anne-Marie left the cast after completion of Series 2 in the spring of 2005, having appeared in 18 episodes.


Geoff Coke