Fine for Derry to be ‘charity shop city’


In regards to Peter McKenzie’s article in your paper on 17/4/2012 when he called for the rates relief that charity shops benefit from to be scrapped, I find this immoral and downright disgusting.

The main purpose of these shops is to help in financial aid to their respective charity; they could not possibly finance these properties if the rate relief had to be paid.

These charity shops are set up to help people in all walks of life at times of severe need be it sickness, homelessness, famine-stricken; the list is endless and for a retailer in this city, which has its fair share of people in unfortunate situations, to come out and call for the removal of rates relief is mind-boggling.

More charity shops have sprung up in Ireland as a result of more people needing assistance; I for one would champion their cause and am not one bit ashamed of Derry becoming ‘a charity shop city.’

Many Derry families are grateful that they can get something second-hand at a much cheaper price than other shops and in doing so helping out a charity.

Look no further than the Foyle Hospice charity shops. Foyle Hospice has for years helped the unfortunate people who have had cancer in the Derry area.

The dedication and sacrifice of the workers at these charity shops have helped a lot of families in our local region.

Without all of these shops many people would be much worse off and I have nothing but praise for the people who help run these shops; I wish Peter McKenzie could too.


Cathal Harkin