Foyle MP ‘salutes’ Paras

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I was totally shocked and surprised at the insensitivity and timing of Mark Durkan MP signing an Early Day Motion (EDM) in Westminster which “salutes the bravery of the armed forces serving in Afghanistan”, including the Parachute Regiment.

Mark Durkan signed this motion of support for British Forces in occupation of Afghanistan, which was proposed on 31st January 2012 – one day after the 40th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Massacre of civilians in his own constituency.

Apart from the insensitivity and timing of his signing the EDM, it once more exposes the double-speak of the SDLP. In its public utterances it claims to oppose Britain’s occupation of Afghanistan while at the same time signing EDM’s “saluting the bravery of British Armed Forces” in that country.


Connie McLaughlin,