Gay community not going away?


I am writing in response to the front page of the paper Tuesday 15th Feb.

In this article the free Presbyterian Rev Brown uses the City of Culture as an example to belittle the gay community and divulge his opinion to Derry Journal readers about his homophobic and dogmatic beliefs. I personally think that such comments should be left for this man to preach in his own given time and not to a community as a whole, particularly under the guise of someone who apparently represents a city of culture. I was shocked to see such a headline in the paper when more important issues are at hand in times of mass budget cuts and more interesting topics such as a revolution in Egypt and Tunisia.

The Rev. states in this article that he is “against the promotion of anything to do with homosexuality because it is a death style and anything that encourages it should be utterly opposed”.

For this reason I would seek that the Journal represents the gay community in reminding the Reverend that the city of culture bid has been made in order to include every citizen of the city and unfortunately for him this means a proportion of the population other than his declining congregation. The bid states: “We pledge to bring the opportunity for cultural engagement to every citizen in our City (100%). We will promote and support that engagement at all levels through innovative and creative ways so that no citizen will be left untouched by the programme of cultural opportunities and activities we will offer during 2013 and beyond.”

I am led to believe that the gay community will be represented in this bid. Somehow, however, I believe it is not the sauna he has an issue with but the reality that, in a world of business ventures and freedom to pursue opportunities in all fields, a gay community exists and is not going away. I would appeal to the Rev. to come to terms with this and not to use comments in the name of his religion or the city of culture to degrade other human beings. There are so many qualities that make up a human being. Negativity seeks only to weaken us. Please try to be more loving toward each other.


Caroline Mc Guinness

Supporter of Gay Rights.