Gibraltar evacuees appeal


As a member of Ballymena Lions Club, I am working on a project relating to the Gibraltar evacuees who lived in Northern Ireland from around 1944 to 1948.

I am aware that there were eight camps based near Ballymena and I have some photographs and press statements etc., relating to this.

However, I would like some similar information - including a site map, photos of any buildings etc., - that remain or existed of Camp No. 14 that was located at Molennan.

I know from a local press statement that the camp was situated just off the “unapproved road” from Letterkenny Road via Milltown to Carrigans. I also know that the evacuees made regular visits to Carrigans to the local store/pub for “supplies” etc.,

Is the store/pub still there and in use or do any of the locals remember meeting the evacuees in connection with these visits, attending Church or local schools?

Anyone that can help me with my query can contact me at the following address: 28 Carniny Road, Ballymena, BT43 5LA, or by phoning me on 028 2565 9653 or by e-mail at


Herbie Park,