‘Heading contradicted main point’


Further to my letter in the Derry Journal of 15/02/13, you titled my letter ‘True Reform of the Catholic Church needed.’ This title contradicted the main point of my letter.

I did not call for any type of reform of the church. Indeed, my central argument was that reform of the church is irrelevant.

As I explained in the letter, this view is based on my belief that the Catholic Church’s pessimistic and morbid attitude towards human nature, and its jaundiced view of human sexuality, over many centuries, has created a culture of sexual repression, which is ultimately responsible for the sexual, physical and emotional abuse scandals within the church.

In my view, those who claim that these problems are a matter of the present governance of the church are either unaware of this history or choose to ignore it.

Thank you for the opportunity to put this right.


William White,