HML story does not reflect reality


I read your recent story on the future of HML with much interest, as I also work there, and also huge disappointment. Why? Quite simply because the facts are inaccurate and do nothing but incense those people who work extremely hard to develop the site in Derry. There’s the line, “But well placed sources have told the ‘Journal’ the Derry site is preparing to take the bulk of the hit in the latest raft of redundancies.” This tells me one thing - your well placed source is someone who suffers from both lack of thought and complete disregard for the hard-working people on the Derry site.

I will not deny the previous job losses have affected morale, nor am I naive enough to believe the future will be plain sailing, but I have enough intelligence to know that factually incorrect stories fed by ill-informed sources are more likely to cause more harm and worry to the workers on the Derry site than the upcoming job losses.

Staff in operations are not worried, if they listen to their management team that is, because these redundancies are ‘non operational’. HR staff need not be worried either, considering they were all laid off in the first round of redundancies 12 months ago when this function was centralised.

When these facts are considered, alongside the statistics that show almost all if not all of the upcoming redundancies will be filled in a voluntary capacity, what is the current need to worry for staff in Derry? The answer quite simply is ‘none’!

We are a proud workforce with a tradition of dedication and hardwork which we will continue for as long as we are employed by HML. Stories such as this do not represent our views; they simply cloud them. Can I suggest your well placed source goes and works somewhere else, somewhere where a vivid imagination is required, because we do not want such individuals representing our views or potentially endangering our future.


‘Simba 74’

HML Employee

(by email)