Magee should be promoted


The 2010 edition of the Derry Guide published by the City Council would have proved invaluable for tourists visiting the city, or indeed for anyone living here.

However, the guide’s utility would have been greatly enhanced by mention and illustration of the magnificent story of Magee and its instantly recognisable facade, and of the old Stormont’s regime’s futile attempts to close it down on its 100th anniversary in 1965.

I am appealing to those preparing the 2011 Derry Guide to make sure that the above features prominently in the forthcoming edition.

In the wider field more could possibly be done to dramatise the magnificent Derry Walls if, for example, ‘Roaring Meg’ could be blank fired every Saturday at noon. (Maybe by an MP?)

I am sure the City Council would welcome other suggestions form other interested parties.

Micheal Canavan

Derry activist