Magee - we’re wasting time talking

Efforts have been made in the public domain this week to rebuff Sinn Fein’s call for the need of a robust business case to be in place before anything can really happen in terms of expansion, new build, and getting extra student places at Magee University.

In this regard Sinn Fein is correct .

Many people get confused about what is a business case and what is a plan. Simply if you went to ask the Credit Union, your bank, building society and said you were planning to put in a new kitchen or extension. They would probably say that’s a great idea but we need the to see the plans in black and white ,we want to agree how much money it is all going to cost and what the payments are going to be and what the terms are going to be,before we can sign off on your business case.

The reason why Derry is constantly being left behind is because Belfast is light years ahead in presenting plans accompanied by robust business cases.

There is too much time wasted in his city on the merry-go-rounds of talking shops. Two years on from the One Plan can anyone even tell people what it has achieved? We need to put the focus now on action, and remove any possibility of dilly-dallying by getting the business case sorted out for Magee and moving on it. It’s past time.

‘Reality check’

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