My research into RAAD


I’m writing in reference to the letters your paper has printed over the past couple of months regarding the self-styled vigilante group, ‘RAAD’

At the start of your so-called ‘Action Against Drugs’, a big majority of people were hoodwinked by some of your statements in this very paper. I would even go as far as to say I had my own doubts. But something kept telling me this is too good to be true so I started to do some research into this organisation myself.

By their own admission, RAAD include ex-PIRA members. It didn’t take too long to dispel that myth. Any ex-PIRA I spoke to or questioned about membership of RAAD was shocked and insulted by even the thought of it.

I can tell everyone it did not take very long before I was made aware who the leaders and runners of this group were. Ex-PIRA, ok, but ‘Ex’ meaning expelled for one reason or another. Those involved are all too aware of the reasons.

So, two years down the line and what has been gained? Countless kneecappings, beatings and expulsions from the country. Driving around in big fancy cars, drinking binges and even a free night out for all the boys at Christmas - the list is endless.

Take, for example, a few weeks ago when these people had the cheek and audacity to hold a local family to ransom for the sum of £1,000. This was to ensure their son’s safety and to be re-united with him after he and two of his friends were ‘expelled’ from the country for what can only be called a moment of madness while under the influence of drink on, of all nights, Bonefire Night. Some people have said one of his friends was not even involved.

Is this an act of republicanism? I don’t think so.

An ex-Provo writing to the Journal asked these people to take a good hard look at themselves. I would like to go further and tell them to go back where they belong and let the experts and professional people deal with this. They won’t see it as a money-racketeering exercise.

By the way, where did all the drugs you seized go?


(Name and address supplied).