Nine out of ten threats . . .


So nine out of ten threats aren’t worth it - according to the people issuing them.

If the figures weren’t so sad they would be laughable. According to recent revelations out of 81 threats issued by RAAD and dissident Republican organisations to young people in Derry 72 of them were successfully “resolved” through the intervention of Rosemount Resource Centre. In percentage terms that is a staggering 89% of threats of exile, maiming or murder were deemed inappropriate after a conversation with a community worker.

Unless I have been vastly underestimating the skills of Derry community workers, and I would suggest that they are a talented bunch but sadly not omnipotent, that would suggest to me that almost 9 out of 10 threats issued by RAAD, BAD and SAD, even by their own standards, cannot be stood over.

Of course, if this were only a matter of numbers it would just be a joke. But there is very little laughter to be heard when a young father is murdered or when a single mother is trying to raise the price of an air fare to England when her teenage son is threatened by exile or ordered to produce him in a dark alleyway for maiming by appointment.

So instead of issuing threats that even they cannot stand over, I would suggest that Derry’s self-appointed, self-policing, self-proclaimed, self-important, self-satisfied vigilantes do the city one decent service, and leave the scene.


‘Number Cruncher’

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