Not funny


Further to Eddie Mahon’s article on the US Ladies league last Friday, I listened with interest to him on Mark Patterson’s show on Radio Foyle during the week.

Whether Eddie Mahon’s article was intended as a joke or not – and a poor, poor attempt at a joke it was, if that was his intention - by having those ideas in print, he is reinforcing the view among those who agree with the opinions expressed – opinions, I might add, that all decent-minded people look forward to eliminating altogether. I wonder if the same ‘tongue-in-cheek’ article had been written with regard to racism as opposed to sexism, would the intended humour have been any more apparent?

“Nobody should take that stuff seriously.” Does Eddie Mahon not want to be taken seriously in respect of any of his journalistic endeavours, or just this one in particular? If he does, he needs to be a lot clearer that he is, in fact, joking, and that he intends his piece to be taken in jest.

Eddie Mahon has written a crass article and now attempts to turn the issue on its head by shrugging off the serious point to be made and attempting to paint those who have voiced disagreements with his article’s sentiments as uptight over-reactors.

He went on to try and steer the interview to his opinion on women in contact sports. Let’s have a reality check then, Mr. Mahon. When women play sports, it is neither for your gratification nor your enjoyment. It is not to be concerned with whether or not they look feminine enough for your sensibilities.

I am disgusted and appalled that such an article appeared in the Derry Journal


Katie Nic Andreasa (via website)