One side only


In Friday’s Journal (June 22nd) you reported a meeting held in Da Vinci’s Hotel in Derry at which Monsignor Martin explained the rationale behind the document ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’, concerning his vision for the future of Catholic education in our city.

The report was totally devoted to the thoughts and words of Mgr Martin.

Not one word of the clearly expressed views of the audience was printed. No mention was made of the straw polls taken on the night. No reference was made to the overwhelming opposition to Mgr Martin’s proposals. The issue of the imposition of Sinn Fein activists onto Boards of Governors by the Minister was not mentioned, nor was the horrendous impact with the Mgr’s proposals will have on the State Sector Grammar Schools.

To publish a report on a public meeting of such importance, ignoring totally the arguments counter to the proposals of Mgr Martin smacks of journalism in its lowest form.

In the past the Derry Journal was rightly famed for its impartiality and its readiness to examine key issues in a balanced and even-handed manner. Have your journalistic standards really falled THIS low?

Yours, Bob Parke, Campsie

Ed note - It was not a report of the meeting, but of Mgr Martin’s comments to it. We have also covered the views of those opposed to his position and will continue to do so.