One-sided coverage


Am I alone in being disgusted at the one-sided nature of BBC Radio Foyle’s coverage of the Assembly elections this week?

I am angry that day after day the main parties in our mandatory coalition have been given a platform on the ‘Breakfast’ programme to perpetuate the myth that they’re serving the North West well.

I’m fed up listening to Sinn Fein and the DUP representatives congratulating themselves on the great job they claim to have done over the past four years, while unemployment levels in this area remain the highest in the North.

I’m fed up listening to SDLP representatives defending their ludicrous ‘a la carte’ attitude to membership of the Executive - picking and choosing the elements with which they want to be associated.

Meanwhile, the one candidate in Foyle who’s publicly challenging our outgoing MLAs’ performance - the Independent, Paul McFadden - is denied air-time. Likewise, the independent candidates in East Derry and West Tyrone are not allowed on air.

More than 95% of the population do not belong to political parties. How can the powers-that- be in the BBC argue that gagging those who don’t subscribe to the party system serves the democratic process – or fulfils the BBC’s public service requirement to “inform, educate and entertain”? They can’t.


Free Thinker