Oxfam thanks


Oxfam Ireland would like to pay tribute to the public for their generous support in the past 12 months. Despite extremely challenging times here at home, the public once again remembered the millions of people in developing countries who so desperately needed our assistance in 2011. On their behalf, may I say a huge ‘thank you’.

During the summer, famine was declared in Somalia. We are there with our partners, reaching 2.4 million people in the region. Our life-saving work provides clean, safe water, sanitation, nutrition and cash transfers so the most vulnerable people can swiftly meet their basic needs. This work is only possible with your support. We were able to rapidly deliver aid thanks to the immediate and magnificent public response to our emergency appeal.

Thanks also to Derry Journal readers who donated items to our shops as part of our Make Space for Oxfam campaign during 2011. Giving your unwanted goods and shopping at your local Oxfam Derry store helps raise vital funds for our humanitarian and long-term development work, which makes a huge difference to some of the world’s poorest people.

Even as little as a t-shirt selling for £6 can generate enough money to purchase a mosquito net for a family threatened by malaria.From the sale of one vintage jacket at Oxfam, we can raise £12, enough to give a family an eco–friendly stove. These stoves have made a real difference to women’s lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The stoves are designed to be hotter than traditional cooking methods while using only half the wood, so women can spend less time collecting firewood in remote dangerous areas, where they may be at risk of attack.

A new year brings fresh hope. Hope for positive change for all those with whom Oxfam works, for a fairer future in which everyone always has enough to eat.

We hope too that world leaders will work to put an end to the global injustice that sees nearly one billion people go to bed hungry each night.

My sincerest thanks for your fundraising events, your generous financial donations and your backing for our shops in the past year and we hope you will continue to support Oxfam Ireland in 2012.


Jim Clarken,

Chief Executive, Oxfam Ireland