Padre Pio prayer group on the move

Another milestone in the history of the Our Lady of Grace Padre Pio Prayer group will be reached on Monday, August 19, when the group holds what will be their last meeting at the Nazareth House Chapel in Bishop Street. For almost 27 of their 28 years in existence the group met on the first Monday of every month for Mass and Rosary and it is with deep sadness but also a great sense of gratitude that they now leave the Nazareth House.

The Sisters of Nazareth generously offered their lovely church and their kindness for the following 27 years is deeply appreciated and but for the circumstances would have remained unchanged. There will be no Mass on the first Monday of August as normal but there will be a Mass of celebration and thankfulness on August 19.

The prayer group will continue as we are very blessed to relocate and have our monthly meetings from September onwards in the Carmelite Retreat centre with the first Mass there on September 23, St Pio’s feast Day. On behalf of all the members of the Prayer Group I again thank the Sisters of Nazareth and hope that we for our part returned some degree of their unselfish co-operation and affection for their lovely church and home.

Sean Mulrine

Director Lady of

Grace Prayer Group