Please let me sell my house


In reply to the article recently printed in your paper regarding the RAAD attacks on the property in Muff, I wish to state that the young family occupying the house at the time of the first incident, a shooting on 7th March, were only tenants. When the bomb attack happened in recent days, there was a new tenant renting the property, with no ties to the previous family.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that after the shooting incident on 7th March I was forced to put the property up for sale. The estate agency handling the sale of the property has taken it off their list, following a threat in relation to the house. Because of the most recent bomb atack and this threat, I find it now nearly impossible to sell or rent the house. I don’t know what I can do now regarding the property, I only know that I cannot afford to leave it empty. Add in the fact that I have been left with all the bills for the damages sustained to the property in the two attacks.

I find this very unfair as property has declined enough in this economic climate.


Concerned property owner

(Name and address supplied)