RAAD are now the oppressors


I write in opposition to the actions of RAAD in our city. I hope that their membership read this letter and reflect on its content.

RAAD’s name in my mind is a contradiction in terms as their actions in my mind are not those of Republicans. Furthermore, over the past number of months, media sources have labelled this grouping as ‘dissidents’. While I disagree with the use of this term to stigmatise and dehumanise those Republicans who have taken a principled stance against the normalisation of British Rule in Ireland, I too question the validity of the Medias assertion that these misguided individuals are anti-Good Friday Agreement.

To the best of my knowledge this grouping has not yet articulated a single Republican position since their foundation.

Indeed, their alleged membership would seem to include from members of the Provisional movement who remained supportive of that movement long after its acceptance of an internal partitionist settlement and a copper fastening of British Rule in Ireland.

I must add that this movement also bears responsibility for the actions of this grouping.

At best these individuals, instead of striving for liberation, have foolishly become oppressors of our community, as the structure of their thought has been conditioned by the oppressor.

Their ideal is to be ‘men’ in our community, to have a status, but their membership and supporters identify ‘men’ as being oppressors as their minds have been so skewed by the unjust system in which they live. Their actions have become counter-revolutionary.

At worst they are a militia of the state, protected by it and those who support it. Permitted to operate in order to tarnish and besmirch Republicanism.

I say to RAAD, if you are republican;

Why do you seek to control and oppress our own people?

Why have you exclusively targeted nationalist youth?

Why have you accepted money from known drug dealers in exchange for a lesser sanction? Are you now licensees of the drug trade?

Why has your remit extended to all forms of alleged ‘anti social’ behaviour?

Why do you not protest against or organise opposition to the truly anti-social behaviours of the PSNI who search children and wreck homes in our town?

The Republican people of this town do not need you. Your actions are wrong and counter-productive. Disband now.


Brian McFadden,