RAAD more like Adair’s C Company


Who does RAAD think they are fooling in stating that they will protect the community when the majority of that community see them as criminals and bullies?

The latest shooting in the Brandywell is said to be the result of a fist fight between the man and a member of RAAD. It is well-known that members of RAAD are accepting money from drug dealers in return for a reprieve from shooting. It is well-known that they drunkenly sprayed the Creggan Shops with gunfire after another drunken row

When Gerry Adams said that Vera Lynn had better war records than these people he could have been talking about RAAD so how dare they attempt to equate their criminal band with the Volunteers of the IRA.

Now that the British Army is gone and the RUC reformed we see these people coming out of the woodwork attempting to re-invent themselves as seasoned revolutionaries throwing their weight about and intimidating their communities when in fact the very vast majority didn’t participate in the war.

It is time that these people realised that they are seen as cowards and bullies in the mould of Johnny Adair’s C Company whose only motive is to make money for their gambling and drinking habits.

So it’s time to go RAAD, time to get off the back of a community that won’t allow you to bring the proud name of Republicanism into the gutter.


Derry Republican