RAAD should stand for Republican Action against working-class people


After the killing of Andrew Allen on Thursday 9th of February 2012:

Maybe Republican Action against Drugs could restyle themselves Republican Action against working class people, Republican Action against fellow human beings.

Maybe Republican Action Against Drugs could re-brand their actions under the glorious heading: “Shoot to Kill Policy”.

Maybe Republican Action Against Drugs could clarify to Andrew’s traumatised partner and family and to the rest of us in the community how this murder of a 24 year-old father of two make sense... because obviously those in that “organisation” believe it does make sense to murder and to claim for themselves, all at once, the roles of judge, jury and executioner.

Maybe Republican Action Against Drugs could let us know how this murder and all the collateral damage inflicted on the immediate and extended Allen family supports positive community change, human growth and human development.

Maybe Republican Action Against Drugs could explain who - not in my name - has given their organisation their vicious murderous mandate?

Maybe Republican Action Against Drugs could tell us how this murder makes any one of us safer...

My guess is that Republican Action Against Drugs are so convinced of their “ideological rightness” they will scoff at this letter having well anticipated an outpouring of protest from “concerned citizens”. They will be well innured against such protest.

The same “concerned citizens” are committed to positive visionary imaginative collaborative work across the town, across communities, to deal peacefully with the challenges presented by drug dealing, drug use and the social damage arising.

The Allen family in pleading for “no retaliation” in the wake of this killing demonstrate their own humanness in sharp contrast to the murderous actions of Republican Action Against Drugs. Their words are inspirational especially when their hearts must be broken, their rage at boiling point. God bless them all especially his partner Arlene Farrelly and Andrew’s two children.

And the killers of Andrew Allen.... they will “live” with his murder for the rest of their lives.


Eamonn Baker