Rosemount needs help


I live in Osborne Street, Rosemount, an area that is constantly plagued with underage drinking and anti-social behaviour. I am appealing to anyone who is reading this letter to please put us in contact with a human rights’ solicitor who will fight our case as it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Where are our councillors for the area? Surely they should be helping us. At a meeting to talk about the anti-social behaviour one councillor told us not to just focus on Rosemount. Well it’s about time we did.

Recently the children who were drinking in Brooke Park were asked to leave by the police and they descended on Baldrick Crescent in their droves, bringing with them boxes upon boxes of beer and even cooler boxes. There are by-laws in place prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in the streets and the police are paid a wage to enforce these.

At a recent meeting held in the Council offices, Sharon O’Connor, the head of Derry City Council, gave us assurances that the Council would do all in its power to help the Rosemount residents by shutting the top gates of the park to help alleviate the problem - but once again this has not happened.

I have taken up a petition in the area asking for the gap between number 55 and 57 Osborne Street to be gated off so that it can be closed at night and open during the day to allow residents to have access. This will be given to the Housing Executive.

The steps at Baldrick Crescent need to be closed off in the same manner as they are the are the main thoroughfare to the off licences and shops and a steady stream of intoxicated youths parade down them all night, keeping residents awake, and allow an escape route when the police arrive.

Recently Derry City Council put out their own plans for the Creggan Burn Park consisting of two paths, a football pitch, lighting and a low level fence, which we feel did not go far enough.

We have as a community forwarded our own proposals for Creggan Burn Park. We want to take ownershop of where we live. Anything else will not be accepted by the underdeveloped and deprived area of Rosemount.

Julie Jones

Disillusioned resident.