SF’s credibility shot to pieces

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Following the Sinn Féin’s campaign launch for the forthcoming Assembly and council elections it would appear their slogan is ‘different election same old story.’ For how long now have we been listening to Sinn Féin’s claim that they will outpoll the SDLP in Derry?

Their credibility on this issue has been shot to pieces as time and time again the as people of Derry rejected their policies at the polling booth. And it is even more galling to hear Mitchel McLaughlin, a man so secure in his own position in Derry that he fled to South Antrim, talk about securing extra seats.

If Sinn Féin were anyway serious about Derry then why is Mitchel looking after Crumlin not Creggan and Martin McGuinness representing Cookstown instead of Culmore?

It also does not auger well that Sinn Féin’s key message in this election is to attack the SDLP. Where are their plans to create jobs? Where are the ideas to protect frontline services? Where is the vision for economic recovery? How can they stand up for Derry when they stand over a budget that does nothing for a city or its people. providing nothing for the City of Culture bid, no money to the radiotherapy centre at Altnagelvin and not a sod to be turned on the A6 for at least four years. People of Derry should not have to put up with being categorised as a second-class city. We also, come May 5, will not be voting for second division politicians.


Richard Leonard,

Foyle Springs,