Shame on SF

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I was one of the protesters down the town as the Olympic Torch was passing through recently. My reason for being there was to protest peacefully against the continued raiding and harassment in the city.

This location was chosen because people felt it was the only way to get our concerns highlighted as there would be a lot of media there. At no time was anyone protesting against the Olympic Torch.

There have been a few meetings held in the Creggan area but as far as I know local representatives from Sinn Fein have refused to attend and address the people’s concerns and worries. Indeed the same party can take responsibility for a lot of the harassment and raiding from the PSNI because of false and misleading information being put about.

I would like to say that the protest on the day of the Olympic Torch was peaceful until the people who were running ahead of the Torch came towards the protesters. I felt they were aggressive, pushing through people and knocking them out of the way. It was only then the PSNI became heavy-handed.

I listened to the radio the next day and heard a Sinn Fein person calling for people to isolate those who were at the protest. The same man and his party are willing to talk to Unionists, Loyalists, PSNI, British Government and eventually the Queen of England, but they refuse to speak to people from this city.

Shame on him and Sinn Fein.


L. Deery

(address supplied)