Sinn Fein and pro-life

We are committed members of Sinn Féin. We have invested decades of our lives working for a 32 county Ireland of equals. We support 100% the leadership of the party and its efforts to create a peaceful, successful, united Ireland. We do not support, however, the abortion legislation currently going through Leinster House.

We note the expert medical advice that psychiatric illness should receive psychiatric treatment. Also that abortion is a cause of suicidal intent.

It’s also a fact that abortion destroys the life of the child.

The provision of abortion has never been a core Sinn Féin policy. Indeed until very recently the party did not actively pursue a pro-choice policy, and many within the party felt free to promote a pro-life stance.

This issue is currently causing major difficulty amongst our grassroots membership throughout the country. We ask that the party allow our pro-life MLAs and TDs to vote with their conscience in future. We ask that the party would not become a cold house to pro-life Irish Republicans. Hundreds of us still have an enormous amount to contribute to Irish Republican goals if allowed.

Anne Brolly, Monica Digney, Mary Kelly, James Cunningham, Rossa Murray, Gary Reilly, John Snell, Finian Toomey, Gerry O’Neill and Seamus Gill.

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