Smoke and mirrors


So, another wonderful week of failed aspirations in the life of Derry City and its environs. We always seem to be on the cusp of getting our due development but it seems to be a case of smoke and mirrors.

Take, for example, the expansion of Magee campus. We are told this will be cut to a minimal increase of some 200 - 300, despite the growth of Coleraine and Jordanstown. The railway system of the Northwest is in virtual meltdown (Conor Murphy where are you?). The A5 road upgrade is in serious doubt, despite the money being allocated from the Irish government. The Brandywell stadium (eh!) is an embarrassment. I have an ambivalent attitude in terms of my favourtie team winning the league or at least qualifying for Europe - what will visiting teams from mainland Europe think of the Brandywell ‘stadium’ and Derry?

Caral Ni Chuilin said no money will be available for a Brandywell upgrade while three stadia in Belfast are in receipt of millions - Windsor Park, Ravenhill and Casement Park. Perhaps this is another glaring example of Belfast people doing what Belfast people do best - looking after Belfast!

However, to be fair, an alternative viewpoint could be that some of our local politicos do work extremly hard for Derry but are politically impotent and in thrall to the mandarins in the Toytown administration and the civil service in Stormont.

As for jobs, Australia is looking for people. Dear reader, make up your own mind!


John McElhinney