Thank you


I would like to thank all those who helped organise and participated in the Uniting Ireland conference our party organised in the Millennium Forum on Saturday January 28th.

This turned out to be a very successful event, attracting more than 900 people from a wide cross-section of our community. The feedback we have received thus far has been very positive, not least from the Protestant-Unionist-Loyalist community who have welcomed the chance to take part in such an event. I would like to thank each and every person who attended the conference.

I would like to thank all those from within our own party who worked extremely hard to make this event happen. I would also like to thank the local media who highlighted and covered the event.

I would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to those who participated on the panel; David Latimer, George Quigley, Maureen Hetherington, Karen Mullan, Martin McGuinness, and the chairperson for the event, Inez McCormack.

I would also like to thank the management and staff of the Millennium Forum for their help and co-operation.

I know he won’t want his name mentioned and I respect that, but massive thanks have to go to the supplier of the furniture that set the stage. It was an excellent touch to a brilliant event.

Now that the conference is over we must continue the dialogue. The conference has allowed us to highlight the issue but together we must build and shape the future.


Andrew McCartney,


Derry Sinn Féin