The dissidents have sheer neck, not votes


The outrageous attack on the Mayor of this city, Colr Colum Eastwood, by dissident republicans (Sunday Journal, 23rd January) does nothing but undermine their own position and define the people of this city as in their view some kind of slaves.

If I were Colum Eastwood, I would just tell them that you won’t sit down with people who hold a gun to your people’s heads, who dictate to your people without a mandate, and who have a proven track record of failure.

The dissidents tell us that there will be no “UK City of Culture”. Are they saying that they won’t allow the people of this city to host such an event? Are they implying that we are their slaves and they are our masters?

The sheer neck of them, and without even a vote to their name.

It’s time they took the gun away from the heads of the people of this city, stop dictating as if they are in control of this city, and face up to the failure of their position historically and recently.

Irish physical force republicanism has never understood the true nature of the Irish people. The historical fact is that it has never been part of the psyche of the Irish people, not even after 1916 which saw republicanism quickly die a death. They simply don’t understand the position because it is not in their nature.

800 years of emasculation by the British has meant that the Irish just don’t see this urgent need to express the void in the egos of the nation builders, and assert that we are in some way superior to other nations. The notion of superiority is unsupported given the history of this country.

The Irish people have never sought to be superior. That is to their eternal credit.

What will bind this divided people, not island as John Hume taught us, is a universal submission to the view that the underlying basis of “superiority”, unionist or republican, is an inferiority complex and that the reality is that in the end we share a common humanity.

I would add that a group that professes intelligence and doesn’t understand that the very basis of the nation state has failed in recent years due to the globalization of what might be termed “money” in its Biblical sense, and that post-nationalism is now a more natural argument, can’t be credited with sense.

It is entirely in bad taste that anybody should now even have to listen to their grievance machine, and totally evil that anybody should have to die at their hands.


John O’Connell,