The ‘green Tory hit-list’


I wish to express my utter disgust at Education Minister John O’Dowd’s plans to close Altnagelvin Hospital School. This follows the threat of closure of Woodlands Special Language Unit.

Is the Minister looking for soft targets? He and his predecessor have failed to tackle the big questions in education here.

The problem of school closures should have been dealt with in a more expeditious and efficient fashion.

They have pussyfooted around the reorganisation of secondary education. Why were entrance examinations not simply made illegal? How many thousands of litres of fuel have been wasted through having children bussed all over Derry while the Department of Education dithered?

Why have young teachers not been used to improve pupil-teacher ratios instead of languishing on the Dole? Don’t tell us, Mr. O’Dowd, that we can’t afford it. The money is there for the salaries and expenses of an inordinate number of MLAs and their advisors.

It is there for the big bonus brigade of unproductive speculators and bankers that no politician seems willing to stand up to. The weakest members of society lose out with the Westminster/Stormont cuts. Who are next on the green Tory hit-list?

Yours faithfully,