The primacy of life and political opinion


Re: letter in last Friday’s issue of the Derry Journal by Hugh Roddy of Limavady, Mr Roddy decries the SDLP attitude to abortion. He expands this to his criticism of what he describes as ‘a la carte Catholicism’. Fair enough.

But the Catholic Church does permit abortion when the mother’s life is at stake. Ectopic pregnancy is a clear example. To take it further, the Catholic Church emphasises the paramouncy of the need to preserve life.

I do reject Mr Roddy’s downgrading this crucial matter to a party political point-scoring exercise.

I’m a a Republican that opposes abortion yet do have dilemmas about pregnancy as a result of rape or incest. My dilemmas, I guess, pale into insignificance compared to that of the woman in such a case.

A sincere debate about the primacy of life of a mother and child needs careful attention and ought not be relegated to party political opinion, no matter how ‘senior’ a member of the SDLP represents himself.


Manus McDaid,