The Real IRA are Derry ‘bankers’


In the Real IRA statement the following paragraph appeared; “At a grassroots level, working-class communities are suffering most from the effects of cuts to essential services and poverty is now endemic. Families who have lost income as a result of the financial crisis – caused by the bankers – are being intimidated and some are being evicted from their homes.”

If you exchanged the words ‘bankers’ with ‘RIRA’ it would make more sense in Derry. The targeting of the local branches will not bring about major financial changes to the bankers but the Real IRA attacks have caused hardship, unemployment and therefore poverty to local families whose jobs are under threat.

As a Republican I am also uneasy about the term UK City of Culture but the Real IRA attack on the City of Culture offices is also blocking inward investment and job creation.

I see many of the 32 Counties people wearing British football tops, while none that I know are gaelic speaking, take part in the music or dance or embrace the Irish culture.

I, for one, will be participating in the year of culture to enjoy and promote our native language, dance and music plus much more, and I hope many of our visitors will also soak up our Irish culture.

I also hope that many jobs are created by this initiative and that world-class acts are available to the people of Derry and further afield.

If the statement by the RIRA is analysed it shows how far removed from the real world they actually are and how much they are deluding themselves into thinking that they represent republicanism in the 21st century.

They should cease these anti-community armed actions that have succeeded in only blighting the lives of our local people in Derry and slowing up the pace of reunification.


Derry republican.

(name and address supplied)