The right to annoy


On Saturday we had another of those loyal order parades through Derry City Centre that are conveniently ignored when we are told that two days a year is all they want to march. A check on the Parades Commission site would show that in total we have 14 parades a year.

Anyway on Saturday afternoon police stopped traffic going down Ferryquay Street, coming up Shipquay Street and coming out of Butcher Street to facilitate a band and about one hundred marchers who insisted on their inalienable right to march through our city centre.

As the traffic backed up some irate drivers began to sound their horns and the following conversation took place quite between a marcher and a supporter.

‘What’s that about?’ referring to the horns.

‘Someone’s getting married down the Bog’.

‘Aye, they’re probably marrying their sister’. To loud laughter from other marchers.

And we are supposed to embrace this.

Is mise le meas

Annoyed shopper.

(Name and address supplied)