Time to sort out political funding


The recent Sunday Times report on the funding of political parties will be confirmation to many people that very wealthy people don’t donate simply for the good of their health.

This city’s political parties also undoubtedly struggle to maintain the favour of those who fund their organizations.

It is surely a matter of considerable concern to many people, especially those involved with these parties, that politicians would promise to give preferential treatment, even to the extent of adapting their policies, to those who have great wealth.

Democracy, which means ‘the rule of the people’ from its Greek origins, is being turned on its head by a practice that elevates the very wealthy to a status that can never be justified or justifiable.

Most people vote to express their support for political parties and their policies. Some of these policies are very appealing and it would be sad to feel that they are not achieved because of interference in the political realm by party donors.

It really is time to resolve this matter.


John O’Connell,