Trains, planes and getting on board for St. Patrick


I see that political representatives are encouraging local people to attend the consultation events concerning the new Waterside station. Given their interest in railways, I think we should also ask them about some excursions in the month of March.

Could they tell us when the St. Patrick’s Day Gravy Train will be leaving Derry? Who will be on board? How many politicians and officials are travelling? What is the fare? Who is paying? Where is the train stopping?

I note that an advance party is leaving shortly from Stormont. How fortunate we are to have these selfless public representatives setting off on an arduous exploratory journey to the United States on our behalf. (No business class seats on this trip, I trust.)

The advance party and the main cohort will doubtlessly be reporting back on whom they saw officially and on the tangible economic benefits resulting from these meetings. (Warning to those with respiratory problems: for heaven’s sake, don’t hold your breath.)

Since nowadays transparency is of the utmost importance, could we please have a breakdown of the total bill and how it was paid? (Warning to those with heart problems: for heaven’s sake don’t look.)

History is full of little ironies. To think that St. Patrick came here on an open boat and he didn’t even have a packed lunch.


‘Disgruntled taxpayer’,

(Name and address supplied).