Tunnels in the city centre


A recent article in the Journal reminded me of when I worked in Scotts of the Diamond for a couple of months in 1978 (this is now Wetherspoons).

On many occasions I had to go down into a tunnel to retrieve boxes that were stored there for all the crystal and china that they sold. These were more than cellars, definitely tunnels.

I remember this so well as I was a young girl and always terrifed going down there.

I remember a huge metal gate that blocked the passageway. I often wondered where the tunnel went to and I am sure it went underneath Bishop Street across towards Austins.

I have been saying for years to my family that under Wetherspoons there is a network of tunnels.

I’m sure other people are also aware of this. I have often wondered why no-one has ever mentioned them as they would be a fantastic tourist opportunity.


Sandra Semple

by email