Unionists must have a say in a new Ireland


I would like to welcome the announcement of a conference debating the issue of a United Ireland in January at the Millennium Forum organised by Sinn Fein.

I’m sure this conference will allow all realms of political thought to debate the question of Irish Unification. I for one look forward to asking questions to a panel on issues such as economics, health, social welfare and how I and my family will be better off in a United Ireland.

A conference such as this has been needed for a generation! As a recent Sinn Fein voter I believe this again shows that a United Ireland is firmly on the Sinn Fein agenda, and that they are not merely paying it lip service like the SDLP have done in recent years.

I believe a United Ireland is not merely on a Sinn Fein agenda to get votes. This is evident in their policies in the North and South.

Most recently in the South , SF’s reply to the Irish Governments budget and within their pre-budget submission, shows that Sinn Fein are thinking of the bigger picture economically and on an all Ireland basis. A read of Sinn Fein’s pre-budget document shows that they work in black and white, where others linger in economic grey areas for their own ends.

I look forward to the United Ireland conference addressing the fears of Unionism. Unionists in a United Ireland would make up over 20%+ of the population compared to that of 2% now in the current situation. Unionists have to have a say in a new Ireland.

A United Ireland’s back bone has to be equality. If equality is climbed over, then the idea of a United Ireland is superfluous. As it once said beneath the United Irish men’s symbol in 1798 - “Equality — It is new strung and shall be heard.”

The idea of discussing a United Ireland with the public is a step in the right direction. The public has to have their questions answered and has to understand what Sinn Fein mean when they say a ‘United Ireland’. I would urge everyone, no matter how socially or politically diverse we are, to attend the conference and listen to what is on offer and get their questions answered. This is an opportunity that I believe can’t be missed.


Time for change

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