UUP election broadcast mistake


There is a convention which applies in political circles at election time and it suggests that to refer to your political opponents by name in your statements or advertisements is unwise as it merely gives them publicity.

The UUP, in their party election broadcast, made that mistake last week.

I would, however, wish to thank them for mentioning me by name in their broadcast and, particularly, for the context in which they did so, as there are still some people who are unaware that MPs who are also MLAs don’t get paid for their MLA role.

In some societies, carrying out a public duty without a salary is regarded as commendable - perhaps, the UUP think this convention is also wrong.  

The fact that I carry out my duties as an MLA without a salary because I already get paid in my role as an MP was overlooked in their broadcast.

In the event that the UUP is going to mention me in their next broadcast - I realise that I am asking a lot to be mentioned again - and intend to make the same mistake twice, perhaps they could include the non salary bit as well.


Gregory Campbell MP and unpaid MLA