Worries eased at Elmwood Terrace


I would like to thank Councillor Patricia Logue and anyone involved in helping get the road and footpath improvement scheme along Elmwood Terrace. It was a particular concern of mine, due to the low level of the footpath outside my home, that during heavy rain water would enter the ground floor of my home and others in the street and cause damage. Recently we have seen the devastation even a few inches of water caused to houses in Belfast.

Also as far back as April 2010 concerns were expressed about a collapsed drain on the New Road and worries that raw sewage would run into homes on Elmwood Terrace because the footpath and road were basically at the same level. At the time the story was covered by the local media. Thankfully that issue has now been resolved.

The new footpath and additional works will give added protection to any threat of flooding and provide extra safety for pedestrians.


Elmwood Terrace Resident

(name and address supplied)