Youth workers take a positive approach to dealing with Glen

Gangs of up to 60 children have been gathering at the bottom of the Glen Road. Residents have said that there are plagued with noise and anti-social behaviour and that cars have been dropping off children from areas across the city.

Manager of the Glen Development Initiative Gerry MacLochlainn has said he hopes that the problem will be a “seasonal” one which will stop with the Winter weather.

The former councillor also appealed to parents to be sensible in their approach to dropping their kids off in an unknown area.

“It may be the case that parents have been told that there is a club or whatever and drive their kids to an area quiet innocently. This is being organised on social media. the Glen seems to be the chosen spot for hanging out in but I would say that 99 per cent of the kids don’t want to cause people trouble. The problem is that this area has terraced houses which means that kids are literally right outside the front door.Please be sensible and be aware of where your children are,” he said.