Youths attack police with petrols bombs in Moss Park

Some of the damage near Moss Park. Photo: Joe Boland
Some of the damage near Moss Park. Photo: Joe Boland

Police came under attack from young people throwing petrol bombs and other missiles in the Moss Park area of Galliagh on Friday night.

The incident occurred at around 9p.m. and one eye witness said that he saw young people set fire to a sofa and attempt to build a barricade across a road.

“This is the second night in a row that this has happened,” said the resident who did not want to be named.

“One of my neighbours who is an older person had to chase a five year-old child away from her home on Thursday night - it’s just not on.”

Sinn Fein councillor for the area, Elisha McCallion called for “calm” and urged parents to take more responsibility for the whereabouts of their children.

“This type of situation must stop and stop immediately,” said Colr. McCallion.

“A lot of older people live in the Moss Park area and it’s just not fair that they have to endure this type of riotous behaviour.”

Colr. McCallion said that some of the young people involved in Friday’s incident were “children” and called on their parents to take control.

“There was children involved with what happened on Friday night and quite simply, this is just not on.

“I would appeal for everyone to be calm and I would also appeal for parents to take responsibility before something more sinister happens.”

In a bid to make sure that a similar incident does not happen Colr. McCallion is attempting to organise an emergency meeting between local councillors, community workers and the police.

“Everyone is engaging with each other but we have to nip this in the bud.

“The people of Moss Park deserve to live in peace and I would hope that an emergency meeting would finally put a stop to what’s happening.”

S.D.L.P. councillor for the area, Jimmy Carr, said that he was appalled at what happened on Friday and called on those responsible to stop immediately.

“I would appeal to the parents of any of the children involved to make sure they know where they are at all times.

“A lot of the parents would have lived through the worst times of the Troubles and I am sure they don’t want their children to experience what they experienced.

“I would appeal for calm because it’s not fair on the residents. What happened in Moss Park on Friday was disgraceful and it cannot happen again,” he said.

Following the disturbances in the Moss Park area on Friday, a 21 year-old male was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Elsewhere, a 17 year-old male youth was arrested for disorderly behaviour and later released following a disturbance in the Northland road area at around 1a.m on Saturday morning. Again officers were attacked with missiles.