Zombies now set to rampage City Walls!

Derry's historic city walls could soon be over-run with hordes of flesh-eating zombies, if Ulster film director George Clarke gets his way.

Mr. Clarke wrote, produced and directed 'Battle of the Bone', the North's first ever kung-fu zombie movie, which is set for release next month.

The film is one of a trilogy of films in the pipeline and depending on its success, the director could soon base a sequel here in the heart of the city.

'Battle of the Bone' takes a surprising slant on the contentious marching season. An army of the undead invade Belfast city centre as Orangemen and nationalist protestors clash, forcing rival gangs from both sides of the community to team up and fight for the greater good. The low budget gore-fest has already attracted global media attention, much to the delight of its director. Speaking to the 'Journal', George Clarke (30) revealed: "'Battle of the Bone' has got everyone talking. It's a fun spin on the usual heavy Troubles themes that dominate films from Northern Ireland, so we thought we would make the mother of all Troubles movies, with an absurd kung-fu zombie storyline!

"The ideas are now flowing for a trilogy of films and we've suggested that filming in Derry, around the walls, would be a great idea. We like to keep things home-based and Derry's Walls are very historic and feature in the Troubles in their own way, so they would be a perfect place for a sci-fi horror twist," he said.

Having completed 'Battle of the Bone', Mr. Clarke revealed the next project in this grisly trilogy is entitled 'The Slash My Father Wore' - a movie set in Stormont and featuring PSNI officers becoming werewolves! But next time the inspired writer and director hopes to attract adequate funding. He said: "'Battle of the Bone' was such an absurd storyline it didn't impress many funders and was only made thanks to a private investor. But even without proper funding, we've managed to make the most talked-about movie ever in Northern Ireland! We're waiting to see the reaction to the film and then see what we can do next."

'Battle of the Bone' premieres on July 17 at Belfast's Odyssey Arena before its general release throughout the North on July 18.