Alan Sugar faces backlash over ‘racist’ Senegal football team tweet

Alan Sugar faces backlash over ‘racist’ Senegal football team tweet
Lord Sugar has received a backlash of criticism following a tweet aimed at the Senegalese football team (Photo: BBC)

Alan Sugar is facing backlash for a “racist” tweet about the Senegal national football team.

The Chairman of Amshold Group and presenter of TV show The Apprentice drew comparisons between the African team’s starting XI and street vendors.

Posting from his official Twitter account, the 71-year-old businessman tweeted: “I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella. Multi tasking resourceful chaps,” accompanied by a picture of the Senegalese starting 11 and a picture of stalls selling sunglasses and handbags.

Lord Sugar has since removed his tweet
Lord Sugar has since removed his tweet (Photo: Twitter)

‘Overtly racist’

Lord Sugar’s tweet has already received a wave of criticism, with many claiming that it was racist.

Lord Sugar, however remained adamant that his tweet was “meant to be funny”, responding to a number of critics and insisting that it was “a bloody joke”.

‘Interpreted in the wrong way’

Lord Sugar has since taken the tweet down but has yet to apologise.

The entrepreneur, who is reportedly worth over £1 billion, stated:

“Just been reading the reaction to my funny tweet about the guy on the beach in Marbella . Seems it has been interpreted in the wrong way as offensive by a few people .

“Frankly I cant see that I think it’s funny. But I will pull it down if you insist .”

Since removing his tweet, Lord Sugar has taken issue with a number of people calling the tweet offensive.

After BBC presenter Babita Sharma posted a screenshot of the tweet and described it as vile, Lord Sugar responded fiercely, stating: “if it so vile why have you retweeted it . You make me sick”.