Schoolgirl spots wild wallaby hopping down residential road - watch the video taken of sighting

The schoolgirl thought she was dreaming when she spotted the exotic animal out of the car window

A schoolgirl has been left shocked after she spotted a wallaby hopping down her road. Thirteen-year-old Cia Christie who lives near Gateshead was on her usual route to school on Wednesday morning when she saw the exotic animal hopping around on the grass verge near her home.

The school girl described the unusual creature as “quite big” and the video shows the wallaby hopping behind a fence. Cia said: “I was in the car after getting ready for school and just looked out of the window and saw this wallaby. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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“It was 8.30am and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I grabbed my phone and just started filming. It was hopping all over a grass verge outside the house.”

She added: “It was quite big and then it jumped off behind a fence.” After Cia posted the video on Facebook she received a message from an animal welfare charity saying it had bounded into nearby Chopwell woods.

Cia’s mum Anna Gibson, 52, commented: “We got a message saying it was last seen in the woods. We haven’t seen it since but we hope it’s alright.

This is the bizarre moment schoolgirl Cia Christie spotted a wallaby hopping down a street in Gateshead

“We haven’t got a clue where it came from because there’s not any zoos or farm parks nearby so it could be someone’s pet which has got out. It’s certainly not what you expect to see hopping down the street in Gateshead.”