BOXING: '˜Ireland? I want to be best in world!' - insists Connor Coyle

CONNOR Coyle has ruled himself out of the lucrative '˜Last Man Standing' tournament, claiming he doesn't want to deviate from his plan to become the best middleweight on the planet!

Thursday, 7th December 2017, 6:15 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 5:19 pm
Derry middleweight, Connor 'The Kid' Coyle has ruled himself out of the lucrative Last Man Standing tournament in Dublin.

The inaugural Prizefighter-style professional boxing tournament, which consists of three 3-minute rounds, is scheduled for March 3rd next year at Dublin’s National Stadium and offers a tasty E25,000 prize for the winner.

The winner will also automatically become mandatory challenger for the Irish middleweight title, currently held by Luke Keeler, but Coyle has ambitions beyond domestic honours.

Co-promoted by Red Corner Promotions and Assassin Promotions, the single-elimination knockout tournament is likely to be broadcast on Irish terrestrial television, offering maximum exposure for the middleweights involved.

However, Coyle, who recently stretched his professional boxing record to 7-0, believes it’s not for him as he bids to hit the big time in the USA!

And with the fast and furious format of the ‘Last Man Standing’ event, there’s real danger he could relinquish his undefeated record which adds to his marketability Stateside.

“It’s too early in my career to be taking chances like that,” he said. “I’m only going into my second year as a professional.

“My coaches think it’s best to leave it. There’s plenty of time for things like that in the future. I have to work on keeping my ‘0’ as a pro as it looks better for TV fights in America to be undefeated.

“In America it’s a big thing to have that undefeated tag. It’s too risky going for those three three-minute rounds which will be made for a brawler and I’m a not a brawler - I’m a boxer.”

Despite the obvious financial benefits involved being a real attraction for upcoming fighters in Ireland, ‘The Kid’ Coyle believes he’s on the right path to become, not only the best middleweight in Ireland but the best in the world!

“I think I’m the best middleweight in Ireland anyway. I don’t think any Irish middleweight would beat me on my day.

“I’m not here to be the best in Ireland - I want to be at the top of the world. I want to be world level and there are certain ways to get there. If I do it smart I’ll eventually find myself on that path.

“Yes, it does fast-track you and build your record up but in the long run it’s not really worth it. I want bigger titles in America and I’m sticking to the advice of my coach who is 40 years in the business.

“I’m getting maximum exposure in America so I can’t turn that down.”

The 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist plans a return to the ring next February.

“We’re due to fight at the end of February which will be streamed live on Ring TV which did it the last time. And then the next fight around April time will be live on ESPN and we’ll just take it from there then.

“We’re going to be going full pelt after the New Year. 2018 is a big year for me and hopefully I’ll be ending it with a few titles!”